Fully Accompanied Trips

We at Ayubu’s Tanzania Safari’s understand that many people have dreams of going to Africa and experiencing a Wildlife Safari and/or Climbing the famous and majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.  However, of these same people, many have some worry, anxiety, fear, apprehension, etc. about traveling to Africa.  Some of the concerns we often hear about is transferring planes in another country.  Will we be able to navigate the airport to make our connecting flight? There is worry about the culture as well as safety in traveling outside of what you are familiar with. We at Ayubu’s Tanzania Safari’s understand all this and whatever the reason, we want to help you fulfill your dreams.

Ayubu’s Tanzania Safari’s offer a service very few other companies offer.  We will send one of our USA representatives with you on your trip.  Depending on the situation and what is holding you back from experiencing Africa, one of our representatives will either fly with you from the USA to Tanzania, or be waiting for you in Tanzania upon your arrival, being the first face you see when you walk outside the airport, and accompany you on your entire trip. This service gives many of our guests and their families back home peace of mind and they can relax and really enjoy their time in Africa.  It is important to let us know if you are interested in this service when inquiring about the trip so we can further discuss what you are looking for and we can plan accordingly.   You no longer have an excuse not to travel and experience Africa

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