Local School Visits

Travelers loves meeting kids, and kids enjoy meeting travelers. This always is one of the highlights of our guests especially for families with younger kids.  You have the opportunity to meet and interact with children, and perhaps you can get a game of football (soccer) going and play with the kids.

While touring the school you will have the opportunity to learn about our education system, which is key to our nations development. There are three levels in the system, which are basic, secondary, and tertiary levels.  Instruction is bilingual in that all children must learn English and Swahili. Swahili is used at the primary levels and English in the higher levels.

Donation in any form are not expected but will be greatly appreciated to foster quality education and performance of the schools we visit. Please let us know if you are interested in donating items and we can provide you with a short list of items that are in the greatest need.

A trip to a local school can easily be incorporated into any itinerary.

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