Bird Watching Safari

Tanzania is one of Africa’s best birding destinations.  It has the largest bird species list of any other African Country: over 1,100 species and of those, over 800 species are resident, with nearly 200 others being regular migrants.  There are 22 known species that are endemic to Tanzania and another 43 that are near-endemic, making Tanzania a birdwatcher’s paradise.

The birdlife in Tanzania is great and can be seen year-round, but it’s at its best from November to April when the migratory birds from Europe and Northern Africa are present.  At this time, many resident birds are nesting and are in the breeding plumage. 

If bird watching is what you are after, be sure to let us know so we can create your trip to include the parks with higher concentration of birds and the most bird species endemic to Tanzania. 

Itinerary Idea:
Bird Watching Itinerary

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