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At Ayubu’s Tanzania Safaris, we specialize in Safari! The thrill of driving around in the truck out on safari with your eyes open as you look in every direction hoping to spot one of the “Big Five” is just the beginning of the experience.  The excitement comes when you come around a corner and there is perhaps a giraffe standing and eating from the acacia tree, a leopard in the tree, a cheetah stalking an impala or gazelle in search of lunch, or maybe it’s a herd of elephant in search of water.  Being able to witness the animals in their natural habitat out in nature is an experience of a lifetime and we at Ayubu’s Tanzania Safaris pride ourselves in getting you as close to the animals and excitement as we can, while still respecting the animals, their habitat, and abiding by the rules and laws of Tanzania and its parks. 

Tanzania has been rated as one of the most enchanting wildlife destinations in the world.  It is the ultimate safari destination, offering an exceptional game viewing experience with more than 25% of its area being set aside for game parks and reserves. 

At Ayubu’s Tanzania Safaris we offer a broad range of safari trips and experiences that will be personalized specifically for your unique interests.  Perhaps you are going to be in Tanzania for meetings or volunteering and have just a day or two free, you are planning to spend a couple weeks enjoying several different parks to see as much wildlife as possible, or perhaps you have watched the Discovery Channel on TV and want to witness the “Great Migration” in person not on the television.  Whatever the reason may be, Ayubu’s Tanzania Safaris will help you to not only plan your unique and personalized experience, but our guides will also strive to exceed any expectations you may have for your adventure of a lifetime.

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